Monday, December 31, 2012


Q : Can I get softsubs for your subs ?

A : No.

Q : Can I translate your subs to another language ?

A : Yes, I don't mind but please remember it's maybe not the perfect one and don't forget to give full proper credit.

Q : Should I ask your permission ?

A : Not necessary if you would put credit in the first place and it isn't for commercial purposes. But it'll be nice if you inform me on email ( like other fansubbers did :)

Q : Can you give us the raw (notepad or aegisub) subtitle files ?

A : No.

- - -

Q : Do you stop subbing GOF ?

A : Not literally, soon or later I will do it and completed it. But, you can get good subtitle on hulu for now. Download 'mediahint' for watch it if you get region restriction.

Q : Why TAXI with Na PD and Lee Seojin hasn't been released yet ?

A : Full episode takes ages. I'm working and concentrating on my thesis. So...

Q : Do you will regularly subbing I Live Alone with Yoseob ?

A : I don't promise you I will do it regularly, but I will try.

Q : Please sub Real Men !

A : Real Men is really hard to sub, either in military terms or honorific language because they use it a lot. There are few subbers who give up trying to subbing it.

- - -

Q : Why you didn't sub some of captions ?

A : It's for save time when timing it, because the caption sometimes are the same with the action of motions or same words/meaning with dialogue. (Ex : when the train arrived on station, the caption just said "finally, the train has arrives")

- - -

Q : Can I repost your video ?

A : Please help me with just linkback to this blog :)

Q : Can I take out your video links or embed it ?

A : No.

- - -

Q : Thanks for your subs !

A : You're welcome and with my pleasure :)

- - -


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